October 2016

FREMO „O-Scale-Division“, meeting in Hamm.

October 2016

FREMO „O-Scale-Division“, meeting in Hamm.

Juli 2016

Lanbahn Fredi – a WiFi throttle with the same size as the standard FREMO „Fredi“.

more info: Lanbahn website – and many thanks to the developers of the orignal „Fred“, Olaf Funke and others from FREMO.

September 2015

XBee Throttle –– a PC board was designed and manufactured – the Lipoly-battery loader is being tested first,

August 2015

XBee Throttle (work in progress …)

May 2015

The Selectrix Library for the Arduino was updated to version 2.2b, see Selectrix Arduino – Many Thanks, Reinhard Thamm, for speeding it up and adding a „Train-on-Track-Indicator“ example.

December 2014

The first wifi „LAN-bahn“ decoder : Decoder. (LAN = Local Area Network, „bahn“ = german for „railroad“)

November 2014

Lonstoke West was on display at the „Warley National Show“ in Birmingham, see Lonstoke West in Birmingham.

August 2014

With a new transport box the „City Litho“ factory will be moved to Birmingham and back without damage, hopefully.

July 2014 is a nice mikrocontroller kit system. There are lots of sensors and I/O boards – and now there is a „bricklet“ which can operate 4 turnout motors.

January 2014

CBUS, Experiments with the CAN-bus and the Arduino.

November 2013

Our new function decoder for Selectrix® with an ATtiny9 – not so easy to solder by hand, at least at my age …

October 2013

„SX3“ can be run on a Raspberry PI

January 2013

„Lonstoke West“ was on operation at the „Korntaler Modellbahntage“ in the „Alte Lateinschule / Musikschule“ Korntal.
Lonstoke West, new photos (NO flash)
revision 1.0 of sx3-pc was released.

Oktober 2012

the RaspberryPi is a nice hardware for controlling turnouts – without any central station, directly via Wifi… more to come soon: „LANBAHN“.

Sep 2012

continued work on AndroPanel Definition of the SXnet Protocol – very simple, but useful only for Selectrix.

May 2012

I’m currently working on „AndroPanel“, an application for Android tablets for switching turnouts (and 1 loco).

April 2012

there is still analog wiring of model railroads, this photo was taken April 2012

February 2012

SX Turnout and Signal Decoder

A simplified version of the SX-Arduino (with Attiny2313) was built to operate Tortoise turnout motors. There will be more info soon on this website…

Januar 2012

Selectrix Shield for Arduino

This is a first experimental „shield“ for a Selectrix interface for the arduino. More info on the selectrix arduino page.

Oktober 2011

The „Green Hills Traction“ (Uli Leibfarth, Jürgen Petrik), an US prototype O-Scale modular layout, was on display at the German

US Convention in Rodgau (near Frankfurt)

Mai 2011

new: information about the SX (Selectrix) system and a Java program to control SX with an SRCP server – this enables the control of SX via the Android SRCP client program.

Februar 2011

several new fotos of „Lonstoke West“

Januar 2011

I’m currently writing a software for Android Smartphones which can be used to run locos via the SRCP protocol. More (in German) Android SRCP …

Oktober 2010
The location of this years „Narrow Gauge EXPO“ was the Pinzgauer Lokalbahn in Austria, close to the Großglockner, Austrias highest mountain. On Sunday, a steam train with an Mh3 attracted visitors – normally modern diesel trains and railcars operate on this narrow gauge (760mm) line.

here a photo from the H0e layout of the „Regionalgruppe Baden-Württemberg der Arge-S“…

January 16th and 17th, 2010
„Lonstoke West“ was on display at the Strassenbahnwelt Stuttgart (Stuttgart Tram Museum)

Januar 2010
==> new open passenger car of the „Rio Blanco Heritage RR“

November 2009
building an Arduino Throttle

November 2009
The swiss „LOKI“ magazine (Nov 09) is featuring a photo show of the Adliswil US-Convention, with a photo of our fan, supporter and engineer Hedwig…..

Oktober 2009
We got a second EMU ! see photos of the 2-HAL here.

Oktober 2009
… we displayed the 0n3-layout RBM&L at the US-Convention in Adliswil/Switzerland!
The Slideshow „RBM&L“ was updated with photos of the new modules.

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